About Us

Sierra Starr Vineyard and Winery is a small vineyard and winery in the Sierra Foothills AVA.
Owned and operated by the Starr Family, Phil and Anne since 1995 and their son Jackson since
2005. Phil is the head honcho around here as he does just about everything. Anne operates the
tasting room in downtown Grass Valley and runs the Sirius Sipper Wine Club. Jackson, joining
the family business in December of 2005, is the Vineyard Manager and Assistant Winemaker.
He also fills in where needed, assisting both his mother and father in day to day operations.

Why would anyone take on such a venture? The answer usually goes back to just pure love of the
whole thing. The Starr's bought an existing vineyard in 1995 with the intent of moving their flower
growing nursery from the Monterey Bay area onto the vacant land on the parcel. The nursery,
didn't move but Phil felt the challenge of grape growing and making fine wine was one that he
couldn't pass up. To say the least, it has consumed him. We have bottled some nice wines from
our first vintage that we are proud of. The years to come hold the challenges of learning even more
about this art as we expand our operation.